Mango House: services for former refugees  Aurora. Denver. Colorado.

Mango House is a project of P.J. Parmar. If you need to call Mango House, please pick which organization below, and find their number. Or you can try my practice at 303-900-8639 and we can help you. If you would like to contribute time or money, pick one of the below organizations Or email and we will try to direct you. If you would like to contribute money to Mango House itself, you can use the "donate" link here, but if you require a tax deduction, email first.

Mango House  9News, Denver Awards, Daily Beast, CBS, Reuters, PBS (at 9min)

A La Source
A Little Something  
Ardas Family Medicine Westword, 9News, SideEffects, Pacific Standard, News Deeply
Boy Scout Troop 1532 CCTV, Al Jazeera, Denver Post, Scouting, Pagosa, Stapleton, Washingon Post
Chin Church of Living God
Colorado Community of Ethiopia

Daai Chin Christian Church
Fooition Westword
International CITY (ACC afterschool program)  
Partners Relief and Development  
Project Worthmore Denver Post, Dig In, Westword, CBS Denver, Aurora Daily Beast, CSM,
Rawan Kachin Christian Church
Worthmore Clinic - Dentistry 9 News, Delta Dental
Yu Meh Food Share at Mango House Video, Aurora,  Denver Post